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Spring Sale and Update

It’s been a slow process of organizing this ministry/business while navigating all the wonderful, yet busy, changes in life, but we thank you for hanging in there with us!

Speaking of changes, Happy Spring to you all!

Since we're celebrating the demise of winter and the rebirth of spring here in the beautiful Northwest, we wanted you to celebrate with us, so we're offering a $5 discount when you spend $25 or more. Use discount code SPRINGSALE5, or click here to go to our store. (Discount will be calculated when you check out.). While you're there, check out the Let's Start Music series, published by Rethink Learning.

We have been through several changes in the last couple years.

We added a partner to the business and blog (in other words, I got married!),

and we moved everything to Idaho.

We have added a few products to our store and updated our website. We’ve taught many lessons in person and online, hosted musical concerts and events, directed a class on congregational song leading and conducting, which we hope to offer online in the future.

We are also now in the process of raising our own little musician!

We have arranged several pieces for piano, organ, and orchestra and are working towards getting those on paper so they can be shared with you here, and hosting a Bel Canto Singing workshop at our home church in N. Idaho, with Ben Everson next year. Ben is a very talented Bel Canto singer with a great love for the Lord. He sings with a very clear, refreshing style. Click here for a sample of Ben's music.

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