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We are just like you: Human beings, with a mind, will, and emotions, which sometimes are negatively affected. Unfortunately, we believe it necessary in this age of twisted law and logic, to try to shield ourselves in some way from the negative effects of people who have nothing better to do than bring suit against someone they think they have been offended or hurt by. Therefore, we have created these Terms of use, conditions, and privacy policy, which are subject to change at any time without notice. By purchasing from, browsing the websites of, or participating in any way in the following entities, you agree to abide by these terms.

By communicating with, participating in, accessing, attending, or purchasing from, or Powerful Praise! Music Conference, you hereby agree to the following terms of use: and Powerful Praise! Music Conference (hereafter “We”, “us”, “our” “our websites,” “This Website”) are not responsible for you, your family’s, your friend’s, or your animal’s emotional state, well-being, financial well-being, position in society, or state of mind.


We offer both free and paid advice, education, information, inspiration, workshops, services and retail items for your edification and music education. We make no warranty, express or implied, that the information you receive, or perceive to have received from us, whether you paid for it or not, is going to be of value to you. Of course we strive to offer only valuable advice, but we cannot guarantee it.


If you disagree, dislike, or are upset by anything you see, read, or feel, while engaging with us in any way, than you agree that you will exercise your free-will and self-control, and immediately cease using, browsing, perusing, speaking to, attending, purchasing from, or otherwise engaging with us.


All of our content, whether written, spoken, or in any other media form, is protected under United States Copyright Law. It may not be copied, deleted, displayed, transmitted, exploited, adapted or otherwise reproduced without written permission, unless otherwise noted.

Some of the content we provide for your edification, has been graciously donated by third parties. You agree not to record or download any media that does not belong to you already, unless it is otherwise noted to be permissible.

You agree to abide by all copyright law and notices.

We take great effort to not violate copyright law. However, if you own a work and hold a valid claim of copyright infringement, please contact us immediately at: or write to:

Attn: Copyright dept.
PO Box 192

Newport, WA 99156


If we have not responded within 60 days of receipt of communication, or the complaint has not been resolved after we have responded, you agree to resolve said complaint by way of mediation, in Pend Oreille County, Washington, and according to the laws of the state of Washington.



We welcome your comments, submissions and suggestions! However, by submitting a comment, suggestion, or prospective content, you agree to granting us any rights you may have held with regard to the disclosure, posting, and worldwide distribution of, any comments, suggestions, or content, when posted via our website, or submitted to us in written or facsimile form. In effect, your submission licenses us to modify, moderate, edit, post, distribute and use or not use, such submissions as we see fit. We will be under no obligation to you, financially or otherwise, for your comment, suggestion, or content, and you waive any right of compensation, obligation, or remuneration for intellectual property ownership in them. We agree to use them in a fitting way if we find them useful. We agree not to use it in any unlawful or disreputable way. We also agree to credit the author, or creator of such submissions as we see fit.


Exception: When commenting on a blog post or in some other form of media, you agree to provide your own credit by way of entering your name or username. You may choose to remain anonymous. If you do, you agree that you will not receive credit for said comment.


Collection of information

From time to time, we may ask if you would like to subscribe to blog feeds, newsletters, updates, participate in a survey or other activity. In doing so, you agree that you will be added to our email list if not already on it. We will collect the necessary information needed to best serve you in this way.

When purchasing a product or service from or any of our affiliate sites, we will collect the necessary information to complete this transaction. More detailed information on this can be found in the Privacy Policy.



We provide links to third party sites for your edification. We cannot take responsibility for the content on them, for the changing of the content on them, or for malware, hacking attacks, “bots” or “spiders”, or any other negative actions on third party websites. By visiting these links, you agree that you will access these links at your own risk, and hold us harmless for the consequences of visiting third-party links. On our honor, we only provide links that we would access ourselves. We have personally accessed these links, and found the content on the associated website useful. If we find they are no longer valid or useful, we will remove them with, or without notice.


Some of our links are affiliate links. We may receive some amount of compensation for directing traffic to a third party website.


Limits of Liability

Under no circumstances will we, or any of our suppliers, be liable for any use, or failure to use the services, products, information or educational materials we offer, or for any injury, damage, or alleged injury or damage caused while using our websites or attending conferences or classes hosted by or Powerful Praise! Music Conference.


Under no circumstances are we, or any of the speakers, clinicians, or vendors at our events, liable for any injury, loss, or damage, to you or your personal property, caused, or alleged to have been caused, in connection with attending one of our events.


On our honor, we take care to provide a safe, and productive learning environment. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not in some way experience a negative result or reaction in connection with attending one of our events.


What rights in regard to collection  personal information:

  • You have the right to not sign up for newsletters, blog updates, subscriptions, etc.

  • You have the right to unsubscribe at any time and for any reason.

  • You have the right to request personal information be removed from our email list.

  • You have any other rights that are provided by the laws of the United States of America, providing that we cannot be responsible for rogue government officials demanding without warrant, any information we may hold. We will do our best to resist such demands, but we cannot guarantee that they will not obtain such information illegally.

  • You agree that you forfeit the right to sue, Powerful Praise Music Conference,, or any other entity owned and operated by us in such cases, pursuant to your agreement whether by continued use or specific agreement to these Terms of Service and Privacy policy.



If you have a complaint with something we have said, purport to be true, or something we are doing, you are free to comment on the blog post if comments are open, or to contact us directly at We will read your comment, but cannot guarantee and answer.


If you have a complaint with an item you’ve purchased from us, you agree to first contact us, at: and explain your issue. We are generally very nice, and want to help you, but just like you, we don’t like getting ripped off, either. You agree to treat us as you would like to be treated. We agree to treat you the same way.


You agree that you will not bring any lawsuit for against us remuneration, for anything we have posted, written, inferred, said, sold, offered for sale, or for any other reason except as provided by the laws of the State of Washington, and the Constitution of the United States of America.


Any written inquiries may be directed to: or,
Powerful Praise! Music Conference
PO Box 192
Newport, WA 99156

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