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New Year and a New Website...Finally!

See the All New

New Year, New site

A new year is a good time to reset, re-evaluate and re-order life. Here, at , in looking for ways to sharpen ourselves and our message so we can better serve YOU, we have seen and met the need for a new website. We still have some of the old content, but this will enable us to bring you much more new content in the months ahead!

Forget Your Failures and Forge Ahead

Last year, we tried to have our website updated to be more functional and free us up to provide more relevant content. Unfortunately, we ended up paying a lot of money to get...nothing. Such is life sometimes. You can sit there and wallow in it, or you can move on. We have attempted to move on. There are still some quirks we are working out, such as the online store (unavailable at the moment) but rest assured, we are working on this and hope to have it available as soon as possible. All in all though, we are very pleased with the results, and grateful to Stephen Leckenby, over at Leckinc, for his expertise in creating the new website, updating the look, and transferring all the data.

How We Can Serve You Better

But, this new website design isn't just to look pretty. No, we've worked hard to create a platform that, while still in the early stages, will be the Christian's go-to site for conservative Christian music education, encouragement and edification and other resources, enabling you with everything you need to Praise God according to His excellent greatness! Because why should He have second best in music or anything else in life?

We are currently working on consolidating the various applications we have been using to enable us to bring you more relevant content, including more regular blog posts from a new integrated blog, short video lessons, interviews with gifted musicians, arrangers and conductors, as well as our online store with recordings, sheet music, unique lesson materials, and more.

In addition to these, we have plans for collaboration with other teachers to bring you live videos and online lessons anywhere in the world. Stay tuned, it may be some time, but we are working on it.

In the meantime

If you are looking for any of the older blog posts (prior to 2019) they can be found here. And if you are looking for the book, Hymnprovisation- The Art of Effective Improvisational Accompaniment, you can still purchase that here.

So why not take a minute and check out the new website? Be sure to leave us a comment down below and let us know your thoughts. We consider all of them, even if we don't answer.

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